We appreciate your interest in adopting an exotic bird from Kane Kare. Exotic birds are not considered to be domesticated animals and require different care than dogs, cats, rabbits, or rodents. Because caring for an exotic bird is a serious responsibility and can be more of a challenge than with a cat or a dog, Kane Kare developed this questionnaire to aid us in making the best placement possible for the bird and you. The adoption process will take some time. We want to match each bird up with the right home and we want you to have all the necessary information and support you need for a successful adoption. We thank you for your patience and cooperation through the process. Please be aware of the following: You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt an exotic bird. . You will be required to show what type of cage you will use to house the bird and demonstrate that you are able to adequately care for an exotic bird.


Applications and Questionnaires not fully completed will be given full consideration

Email Address:
Spouse/Significant Other/Roommate:
Children’s Names & Ages:
City & Postal Code:
Phone: (H) (W) (Cell)
Email: (Fax):
Type of Residence: House ~ Apartment ~ Condo ~ Other
Age of primary caretaker:
Please explain what previous experience you have had with birds?
Do you plan on breeding?
Name of bird you are interested in:
Why do you want to adopt this bird?
What characteristics of a bird are most important to you?
What would you expect from a bird?
Is the bird for someone specific in your household?
What will you do if the bird decides to dislike you or another member of the household?
Do any of the members of your household object to adopting a bird?
Does anyone in the household smoke?
Do you use Teflon coated cookware?
Are air fresheners, scented candles or perfumes used in the household?
Are you aware that:
· Birds require a great deal of attention and maintenance!
· Are very expensive to feed, keep healthy, and keep entertained!
· Might have or develop undesirable habits (screaming, biting, and destruction of any object in reach, dislike of strangers or your mate, messy, wasteful)!
· Can be destructive!
· Can be loud and cause audio disturbances that neighbors may complain about!
· Require a minimum of an annual visit to the vet for a general check up!
When you are away from home, who will care for the bird?
What would the bird’s primary diet be?
What is the average life expectancy for the species you are interested in adopting?
Who will be your primary Veterinarian?
Are they Avian Certified?
How often will the bird visit the vet?
Please describe symptoms that may require a veterinary visit:
Will your bird be bathed regularly?
Will you clip the bird’s wings to prevent flight?
How will you prevent the bird from being injured in your home (chewing on things that could harm it, running into windows, being injured by objects or other inhabitants, etc.)?
What size/type of cage/housing will you provide for the bird?
How will you provide activities for the bird when you are away?
Where will the cage be placed in your home?
How do you plan to provide for this bird in the event of your death?

Under what circumstances would you not want to keep this bird? (circle all that apply)
Moving ~ Job status change ~ Allergy ~ New relationship ~ Divorce/Separation ~ Behavior issues ~ Too expensive ~ Serious illness ~Feather Plucking ~Does not ‘talk’ ~ Does not like you ~ Biting or Screaming ~ Cannot spend enough time with bird ~ Neighbor/family complaints
Other (explain)

What is your weekly schedule?
How many hours a day will the bird be left alone?
If you rent, do you have your landlord’s permission to have a bird?
Do you travel a great deal?
If you currently have birds, have they been checked for communicable diseases? If so, which diseases?

Your Pet History
For each pet you have had, give the breed or species, year acquired, how long you kept them and how the relationship ended (continue on back page if necessary).

Please provide us with three bird friendly references (vet, pet store, bird owner, etc)
Phone Email
How long has this person worked with birds?
Phone Email
How long has this person worked with birds?
Phone Email
How long has this person worked with birds?

Please be advised that Kane Kare cannot guarantee the health of any bird obtained from our Adoption Center. When a bird comes to us it has often had a series of owners and undocumented histories. We take great care to provide the most accurate background information that we have on the bird. We recommend you schedule an appointment with an avian veterinarian (take a blood test, check overall appearance, check weight, clip nails, wings, etc.). Kane Kare is very committed to the health of all of its residents. It is not a pleasant topic, however at some time your avian companion will pass away. Therefore, when a former Kane Kare adopted bird dies we would like to be informed. This helps us better understand how to improve what we are doing. The information that this provides us is many times invaluable in determining changes that we can make in the future.

Adoption fees are non-refundable. Conditions of adoption are: follow-up phone calls, emails. If the bird and family have not made a suitable adjustment to one another as in the Adoption Agreement, Kane Kare reserves the right to remove the bird. If the bird is no longer able to be cared for, the bird MUST be returned to Kane Kare . Any bird adopted from Kane Kare cannot be sold, given away or disposed of in any other way without the express written consent from Kane Kare . Any new potential owner, including a family member, will have to go through Kane Kare's normal adoption procedures. I have read the terms of this application and understand my obligations there under. You must be 21 years of age or older to sign this application.

Signature of co-applicant
Date application completed


In order to assist you in understanding our adoption program, we have provided the following information:

· All information requested on the adoption application is vital in successfully determining the best match between you and a companion bird. Once you have completed the application and submitted it to Kane Kare, we will process your application.
· All applications are reviewed and processed according to our Adoption Policy, which involves reviewing our database for a suitable companion bird, performing reference checks, contacting you if we require clarification or more information.

Please keep in mind a bird is not for everyone and we have a responsibility to make the appropriate decision for the well-being of the individuals concerned as well as the bird being considered for adoption.

An Adoption Agreement will be presented to you for your signature, a cash payment of the adoption fee will occur at this time. The Adoption Agreement you sign is very specific. The bird(s) cannot be used for breeding purposes, cannot be sold, traded, or given away. The bird must be returned to Kane Kare if, for any reason, you can no longer keep the bird and Kane Kare will find another suitable home for the bird.

The Adoption Agreement also states that an adoptive home must keep Kane Kare posted of any change of address and phone number for as long as the bird resides with you. We require this information because it allows us to follow up with you periodically to ensure everything is going well or to check to see if there is any assistance we can provide to you. Please click on Adoption Application to get started.



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