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We have a wonderful network of exotic animal knowledgeable people that work with us to be sure all animals taken into rescue are healthy, well fed, eating proper diets, housed and kept happy to ensure their adopt-ability. Recognizing the need for a refuge specializing in exotic creatures, the refuge focuses only on these and birds. We decided to open due to general need in Arkansas. Their are places to take cats and dogs in Arkansas. We even have a rescue for ferrets, and hedgehogs...But, sadly nowhere to turn for birds or other animals. We do not take in ferrets or hedgehogs because there are already places for them to go. We can help direct you there if necessary.

We have experience in reptiles, large parrots, kinkajous, coatimundi, sugar gliders,chinchillas, crocodiles, monitor lizards, snakes, tortoise, fish, many other exotic pets.

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